Home Owners' Association Rules

Building and Use Restrictions (pdf)

By-Laws (pdf)


Homeowner dues that our subdivision residents are assessed are extremely reasonable and pay for a variety of maintenance items that keep our streets clear of snow, our entrances sharp and our northwest perimeter presentable. All this is done without employing a standard management company. This is your Board at work for you (more volunteers welcomed!)
Our dues policy is as follows:
  1. The yearly letter notifying homeowners to pay their dues is sent in November.
  2. Dues are $170 per year payable without penalty by January 31. Second notice letters are sent at this time.
  3. A $50 late fee is added to any dues not paid in full, arriving at the dues collector mailbox, by January 31. Dues not paid by the end of the calendar year are assessed an additional $100.
  4. Those who need more persuasion are turned over the attorney. All costs (attorney, court, lien, etc.) are billed to the homeowner.

Good Neighbor Policies, Highlights of Township Ordinances and our Rules and Building and Use Restrictions

When you bought your home it came with deed restrictions that apply whether or not your title company or real estate agent informed you of them or delivered a copy. They are on file with the township and available on this web page. Regarding out-buildings and fences, there are deed restrictions on both! When in doubt consult the Bylaws and Building and Use documents above. These restrictions are there to protect our neighborhood property values and look, primarily. Don't build first.

Our streets are narrow and do not meet code for width. Normal traffic and emergency vehicles need to get through. Instruct guests to park only on one side of the street. Also, our Rules state that there is no overnight parking allowed on any street. Occasional exceptions are made to accommodate overnight guests when there is not sufficient room in the driveway for their vehicles. Township ordinances allow for the tagging and impounding of vehicles parked on streets after just 48 hours.

The township has a very clear animal and home noise ordinances. Our houses are relatively close together. To keep our neighborhood peaceful and a place where everyone wants to live please be respectful of your neighbors. As much as we love dogs, the dog's owner is the only one who should be expected to tolerate the animal noise and waste. Nobody likes having to call a disrespectful neighbor or, for that matter, getting a letter from the township code enforcement team or a visit from our fine police as they will issue costly citations and it makes for sour relations over something that is easily preventable.

Wonder no more about why our township looks so clean. Properly placed political and invididual real estate signs are the only class of signs permitted by the township without a permit. In our neighborhood, even permit holder signs are banned, on your property or the right-of-way.

When your smoke ventures into a neighboring property, problems can arrise. Be aware of your smoke's destination. Your neighbors have a right to breath smoke-free air on their own property and so do you. An asthmatic neighbor may be struggling to breathe because of your BBQ or wood-burning stove. Burning rubbish or yard waste is not allowed in Shelby Twp. From an environmental standpoint, burned household waste can give off a host of dangerous fumes like hydrogen cyanide, carbon dioxide, dioxin, benzene, lead and mercury.