Your Board At Your Service

Manager -     586-531-1034
President -     586-489-5840 (board use only)
Vice President -     586-676-7414
Treasurer -     586-615-7929
Secretary -     586-677-2821
Trustee -     810-956-5747

Lake Arrowhead West HOA meeting was Monday, November 2, 2020, at the Marcus Grill, at 7 PM in their banquet room.

November, 2020: Minutes
October, 2019: Minutes
October, 2018: Minutes | Financial Statement
October, 2017: Minutes | Financial Statement | Late Fees and Collection revision (PDF)
October, 2013: Minutes and Financial Statement (PDF)

For an established sub like ours, the entrances are beautiful year-round. All this hard work is thanks to your dues and the dedication of your Board, property owners and other volunteers. If you would like to volunteer or provide input, contact a Board member.

The township requires homeowners to maintain the sidewalks that border their property, including along Jewell and 25 Mile Roads.

Sidewalks are addressed in the township's Municipal Code.

The Homeowners' Association is not in the position to give legal advice. We merely provide the link to the text of the ordinance for your information.